9 keys you need to know to define a business model effectively.

A business model is a conceptual representation of how a company creates, delivers and captures value. In other words, it is a business strategy that describes how a company generates revenue and makes a profit.

In the process of designing the business model, it is important to define and understand the different elements that compose it. The following are the key aspects to take into account when defining a company’s business model.

Value proposition

The value proposition is the description of the products or services a company offers and how they differ from those of the competition. It is important that this proposal is clear, concise and convincing to the potential customer.

Distribution channels

Distribution channels are the means by which the company reaches its target audience. It is important to identify the most effective and efficient distribution channels to reach customers effectively and profitably.

Customer relationship

Customer relationship refers to how the company relates to its customers and how it ensures that they are satisfied with the products or services offered. It is important to define and establish a solid and lasting relationship with customers in order to maintain their loyalty and fidelity.

Market segments

Market segments are the specific groups of customers targeted by the company. It is important to clearly define market segments to ensure that you are reaching the right customers and meeting their needs.

Revenue sources

Revenue sources are the means by which the company generates revenue. It is important to identify the most effective and profitable revenue sources to ensure the financial sustainability of the company.

Key resources

Key resources are the resources necessary for the company to operate and offer its products or services. These resources may include infrastructure, personnel, technology and other resources necessary for the operation of the company.

Key activities

Key activities are the activities necessary for the company to be able to offer its products or services. These activities may include production, marketing, sales and other key activities necessary for the operation of the company.

Key partnerships

Key partnerships refer to the strategic alliances and collaborations that a company can establish to improve its business model. These partnerships may include suppliers, distributors and other companies that can enhance the company’s ability to offer high quality products or services.

Cost structure

The cost structure refers to the costs associated with the operation of the company and the offering of its products or services. It is important to identify and control costs to ensure the company’s profitability and financial sustainability.


The definition of the business model is a fundamental step in the process of designing a company’s business model. By defining and understanding the different elements that make up the business model, an effective strategy for generating revenue and profit can be established.

It is important to keep in mind that the business model may evolve over time as customer needs and market conditions change. Therefore, it is important to review and update the business model on a regular basis in order to ensure